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Chrysalis: Building the Master/slave Environment


Slavery can be like the transformation of a butterfly, the ability to spread our wings and finally soar through our lives both guided and fully authentic. When a caterpillar enters the chrysalis, its body is broken down. The burdens that come from years of social demands are tough and thick, like hide. The body and the mind must be liquefied, shed layer by layer, until it is stripped to its core. The body resists. The mind plays tricks. But in the struggle a new life is created.

From both the Master and the slave perspective, building ourselves into someone new, someone who can help us transform ourselves, we come face to face with a challenging process. Like the caterpillar that enters the chrysalis, it is time to change. The Master creates this environment by offering guidance, trust, and consistency, and the slave’s response to this teaches the Master how to be better in all things he is responsible for. It creates a space where we can shed the pressures of our daily expectations. A place of calming and of peace, where we can begin to serve and be served, and the transformation can flourish.

This is the process that Master George and slave bren went through in the first few years of their Master/slave relationship. In their Presentation “Chrysalis” they share with others the process: How they went into this state of being, what were the challenges, and how the transformation from vanilla to Master/slave was fully and holistically realized.

**This presentation needs 2 hours minimum.**

Protocols and Rituals in M/s D/s:


"Keeping the Train on the Rails"

What makes a Master/slave relationship successful?

There are many classes on Protocols and Rituals, but this one covers the basics and then dives far deeper. In this class, we illustrate why protocols and rituals in the M/s dynamic is not just a way to micromanage, but a way in which to help the relationship blossom into something much greater and of deeper value than role playing. Protocols and rituals are the landmarks along the M/s journey, the pulse-checking that daily reinforces the relationship and serves to remind each member of their position, their obligations, and their integrity.

This class will discuss the specifics of Protocols and Rituals; from developing a manual and devising key phrasing that is tailored to the dynamics of the varieties of M/s relationships, to putting these standards into place, to overcoming self-consciousness –and discovering the “flip” moment when the protocol becomes second nature, to contracts and reviewing of protocols, to enhancing them and ensuring they do not become either stale or routine. We will also cover how these protocols can be done while surrounded by the vanilla world, including underage children (without them being aware), and how protocols can put the “train back on the tracks” when the pressures of the outside world becomes a distraction.

This is not the typical “Protocols” class; this is how to make your M/s relationship into true 24/7 by finding the heart of the M/s relationship, and building its foundation in bedrock.

** This presentation needs 90 minutes.

Trust & Faith in the M/s Dynamic


We all come into the world trusting without question -- we believe what our parents tell us, what our society tells us and what our own experiences tell us. But as time goes on, our trust in those around us and what we think we know is tested and it is often broken. As our trust becomes damaged, we begin to fill our baggage with events that make us wary, suspicious, and separated from what we can truly be.

In our culture, which compels us to egalitarian relationships, we are trained to think that there is weakness in the lower side of the Power Exchange; and this impacts our sense of trusting in someone who will have authority over our choices. Master/slave relationships require a level of trust and faith from each side of the power dynamic, each is equally required to maximize their ability to trust in themselves, and one another.

A slave or submissive grants a sweeping degree of authority over their choices, and this often conflicts with our cultural upbringing; furthermore, such a position of handing over authority requires a great deal of trust or faith. Similarly a Master or Dominant is also required to trust that the choices they make are in the best interest of all concerned, and that there comes with authority a great responsibility.

Both must build a powerful foundation of trust in order to have a successful M/s relationship; and without it, each is denied the ability to realize their full potential. And when they find their trust is lacking or in conflict, it is then they turn to faith (this is not a religious faith, but a faith in one another).

The journey through this land is both wonderful and at times frightening -- to reveal to ourselves what our walls of mistrust are, and to confront lowering them and becoming vulnerable; yet without it, without trust and faith, not only do we keep authenticity outside our walls, we remain imprisoned with them.

Master George and slave bren have explored the complex realm of Trust and Faith in ways that are both unique but also commonly shared by so many others who try to develop Master/slave relationships. They have weathered the challenges that can attack trust and faith, and stand ready to share these experiences and reveal what they have learned.

Topics covered include:

• What do we mean by trust and faith?
• How to recognize key signs in yourself that you have trust issues
• Analyzing trust and protecting one's safety
• Baggage, Butcher Bills, and Balance
• Exercises to enhance trust and faith
• Who will be there to catch me?? (you will!)
• Q&A -- share your experiences and discussion

** This presentation needs 90 minutes.

Riding the Current-- A Violet Wand Demo


Long considered one of the most amazing devices in the BDSM pantheon of devilish delights, the Violet Wand remains a unique toy that can bring pleasure, pain and a mind-jolting mixture of both. But what is this device, where does it come from, what is it used for (other than BDSM play), and is it safe?

Master George, has been playing with the Violet Wand for over 7 years and has mastered this amazing device. Come join him as he explains precisely what it is, debunks many of the myths surrounding it, and teaches you through both demonstration as well as participation how to play with the Violet Wand and how to do it safe and sanely.

The Demo will cover:

• A brief History of the Violet Wand with some rarely seen photos and manuals from the early 20th century
• What the violet wand does… and how it does it
• What do the colors of the electrodes mean?
• Body Contact Play – the other side of the wire
• What does “a ceramic core” mean.. and does it matter?
• How to ensure safe play
• Key questions to ask in scene negotiation
• Signs that your bottom is a VW Slut… or not

Strange Daze & Peculiarities:

• Top of foot, or bottom of foot?
• Eeeeeelectric Leggggs!
• Pen-Uh-tration Play!
• WTF are “Hairgasms”?
• What do you mean on my teeth????
• And a lot of participation! (If you got ‘em, BRING ‘EM! Those who have never experienced the wand and wish to will have an opportunity to try it first hand in a safe environment.)

Master George will close out the presentation with his personal contribution to the art of the Violet Wand: “Lightning In A Bottle”

*This presentation needs 90 minutes.*

Preparing and Protecting the Property


Before you are ready to run you must know how to walk. And before you’re ready to walk, you must be able to crawl. In order to evolve into a healthy submissive or slave, there are important preliminary basics that should be learned and adopted. These are important developments in your journey and are as vital as crawling and walking is to learning how to run.

In Preparing and Protecting the Property, hosted by slave bren, you will discover core obligations you have to make yourself ready and able to serve a worthy Master or Dominant.

This class will cover: Health, Skills, Psychology, Education, Finances, Self awareness, as well as explore possible pitfalls, challenges, baggage. By readying yourself for a life in the M/s or D/s lifestyle, you will be promoting a confident outlook and strengthening yourself in both mind and body.

Learn the key tools to knowing yourself better, healing yourself, and being open to new possibilities. Stand strong in your slavery or submission and learn the ways of making sure you are in control of your life before giving that authority over to another. A strong well educated slave is one to be admired and respected, be all you can be for yourself and the one you one day wish to serve.

Join slave bren and discover how important it is to prepare and protect the property, so you can be ready to serve the Master or Dominant to whom you can devote your life.

** This presentation needs 90 minutes.

We’re in an M/s relationship – I don’t like you today – Now What?


Once a Master/slave relationship is in place, the next step is to maintain it and nurture it on an ongoing basis. But not every day is going to be a good day; life’s impacts, stresses, obligations to work and family, and many other challenges can raise negative emotional dynamics that can result in expressions of anger or resentment. The “Now What?” presentation addresses ways to deal with those moments where our intentions, goals, weaknesses, egos, emotions and baggage can get in the way of our relationships; where they get the better of us, and place the M/s dynamic to a severe test.

We will discuss and explore what the warning signs are for emotional responses, how to communicate through them, tricks on maintaining internal control, staying true to one’s authentic self, finding forgiveness, channeling resentment, and learning to see the signs in each other to minimize hitting triggers either accidentally – or on purpose.

** This presentation needs 90 minutes.

Reactance – What it is, and how to work through it



Or is it?

When someone is raised in a free society and then enters into a formal M/s relationship, there are attending obligations for both the Master and the slave that change our perceptions and how we go about our daily lives. Perceived loss of freedom – from both the Master and slave perspective – can result in reactance.

Processing reactance and recognizing it is one of the most difficult and misunderstood elements of authority exchange relationships. It can often be the cause of the dissolution of a relationship and each party is completely unaware of it.

But what is reactance? Is it really rebellion or something totally different? Is it a loss of control, or an attempt to wrest control away? Or… is it both?

In this presentation we look into reactance and help others to recognize it as well. We help illustrate the nature of reactance is, and what it says about who we are. We examine if it is rare, or to be expected? And even if it is expected, is it something that we can avoid, or at least manage? This presentation requires all of us to look hard at ourselves, and ask ourselves how dedicated to our M/s relationships we are willing to be—and how to wrestle with deep seated social wiring that may set our motives at variance to one another.

** This presentation needs 90 minutes.


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